Suzanna Dee – “A Song I’m Going To Write”

“A Song I’m Going To Write” is the hottest single recorded by Suzanna Dee, the one who took us all to heaven with a sizzling dance remake of the Maria McKee classic, “Show Me Heaven”, in 2003. Now she’s back with the Charlie Mason penned “A Song I’m Going To Write”, a blissful pairing of exquisite, insightful lyrics with devilishly fascinating vocal, released as an EP under the label of Energise Records in mid April 2017, which also includes three other sizzling remixes by Ricardo Autobahn and Project K, available from downloading from Apple Store here: and from Amazon here: , as well as digital and physical copies from Energise Records official site: .

Suzanna Dee, famously known for her Top 40 dance cover “Show Me Heaven”, featured on many compilation albums released by Ministry of Sound, EMI and Deca Dance, is an undeniable gain for the UK and European Dance and Pop scene, because of her powerful and alluring vocals in live performances in front of large audiences from numerous Arenas and various “Prides” throughout the UK.
Currently, Suzanna Dee is working with various International DJ’s/Producers & record labels within the Trance & Dance scene.

For further information about Suzanna Dee, follow her activity on Facebook here:


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