Poxy Life – “Mój świat”

“Mój świat” (“My world”) is a powerful ballad recorded by the Polish progressive rock band Poxy Life, written by Tomasz Kołt, both music and lyrics, a Wilk Production and Tribekk 2016 release, promoted by a video directed by Robert Wrzosek, which includes fragments from Konrad Łęcki film, ”Imperator” (“Emperor”) about Emperor Marcus Salvius Otho, entirely spoken in classic Latin.

Poxy Life is a progressive rock band from Bielawa, a town in southwestern Poland, that breaks the musical stereotypes and consists of five charismatic members living in different environments but altogether give a sensational final to each song they perform live in front of their large audience. Poxy Life has already recorded their first studio album, ”10 Odcieni Czerni” (“10 Shades of Black) and they are currently working for their second one. The members of the band are: Patrycja Mizerska (vocal), Tomasz Kołt (bass), Mariusz Kajrys (electric guitar), Jacek Wanszewicz (keys) and Ariberto Novelli (drums).

Patrycja Mizerska, nicknamed Ms. Plastelina, is also a vocalist in Archangelica, a progressive art rock band from Warsaw, Poland, with whom she vocally recorded for their second 2016 studio album “Tomorrow Starts Today”. Patrycja is also known as a former contestant in “The Voice of Poland”, season 3, coach Edyta Górniak and previously appeared on third season of ”Bitwa na głosy”.

For further information about Poxy Life, their new musical projects, concerts and contact, follow their official Facebook page Poxy Life .


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