Ioana Sandu – “Vreau să ieşi din viaţa mea”

“Vreau să ieşi din viaţa mea” (“I want you out of my life”) is Ioana Sandu’s lead single of her newest studio album “Iubire dulce, nu pleca” (“Sweet love, don’t go away”) launched on May 11, 2017, under the label of Eurostar. The song is composed by Francis Reiter, with Romanian lyrics written by Ioana Sandu, unequivocally performed by the latter.

Francisc Reiter, born on April 18, 1954, in Arad, Romania, is one of the most melodious and romantic composers of our time. With a solid musical training, studying the violin which soon became his friend and ideal of perfection, Francisc Reiter moved to Bucharest where he had the experience of working as a violinist in the Romanian Radio Estrada Orchestra, conductor maestro Sile Dinicu, As a member of this orchestra he accompanied some legendary performers such as Aurelian Andreescu, Gica Petrescu, Cornel Constantiniu, Angela Similea, Mirabela Dauer. Since 1985 he became a freelance musician in the country and abroad – Israel, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Germany. A great twist that seemed to have become favorable to him happened and because of being unable to perform in public, he directed himself to composing and orchestration realizing that this was his true vocation. He orchestrated hundreds of pieces for various artists, trying to give his own personality to each song. Once he had met Ioana Sandu, for her marvelous voice, he composed hundreds of songs being attracted by her diverse vocal opportunities and her undeniable talent.

For the newest of his romantic and melodic songs, musical activity and contact, follow the links below:

For more information about Ioana Sandu, her musical activities, events and contact, visit her official Facebook page or her official website here:


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