Joli Bartha – “Elvis The King” (Original Version)

“Elvis The King” is a tribute song to Elvis Presley, “the King of Rock and Roll”, written by Peter Ciani, both music and lyrics, with musical arrangements by Mihai Alexandru, produced and performed by Joli Bartha. The single “Elvis the King” can be found under the Italian Way Music license, its original version and 5 sizzling dance remixes, and it can be also purchased from Amazon and Apple Store.

Joli Bartha is a Romanian artist who successfully performs songs with the flavor of the ’50s and ’60s. Having been taught how to use his vocal cords in the bel canto manner, Joli Bartha has never made any compromises. He sings good music only and his repertoire is very rich and diversified, which really demonstrates that he is a complete artist with strong musical studies behind and great care in choosing his repertoire that best represents him as an artist. 

For further information about Joli Bartha’s musical activities, events and contact, click on the links below:

Official website:
Apple Store:


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