The IRBIS – “Sylvia”

“Sylvia” is a 1972 instrumental song by Dutch progressive rock band Focus. It was released on their 1972 album ‘Focus 3’ and as a single became the band’s biggest international hit. The song has been covered by many bands worldwide but a performance that deserves to be taken into account is that of the Russian metal band The IRBIS whose covering perfectly peers the original version.

The IRBIS is a metal band from Moscow, Russia, one of the few bands in the basis of creativity which is a classic heavy music in a contemporary context, who decided to prove that music is still alive and will live forever in an era of dominance of grinding, screams and noise from the heavy-metal music scene today.

The IRBIS consists of three charismatic musicians, Max Levushkin (guitar), Max Ivkov (drums, synthesizers, sound recording) and Valery Morgunov (bass).

For further information about The IRBIS, new musical projects, events, concerts and contact, access their official Facebook page here  and their VK account here  . You can also subscribe Max Levushkin’s official YouTube channel here .

Some great musical works released by The IRBIS in the few past years, are available for downloading from: .


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