Inessa – “Déjà vu”

“Déjà vu” is a beautiful song written by Fedor Brichenko and Inna Sergeyeva who is widely known under her stage name of Inessa, the winner of “Song of the Year” Music Reloaded Award 2015 with her smashing hit “Fata Morgana” , loved by plenty of facebookers around the world though it is entirely sung in Russian, as well as her previously released,  “Далеко Лето” (“The Summer Is Far Away”) and  “Улетая с ветром” (“Departing with the wind”) . The song is promoted by a video directed by Valery Sizov with a scenario by Elena Sizova. The single, re-released under the label of VG Music Label, is available for downloading from Apple Store here and Amazon  here .
Inna Sergeyeva aka. Inessa is a Russian singer, composer, songwriter and choreographer, currently living in Moscow, whose powerful voice and classy stage appearances in live performances, has caught attention of Russian audience and abroad as she can vocally perform a variety of musical genres, ranging from jazz-pop to Latino or Russian classical songs. Once she had met Mr. Vladimir Gershanov, President and  VG Music Label Founder, who distributes her musical releases on major online stores under his own label, VG Distribution Label, and after her participation at The International Festival Intrigue Show 2017, Inessa succeeded to assert herself on the international music scene becoming one of the most adored voices from Russia by thousands and thousands of music lovers from CIS countries and entire world.
For further information about Inessa, new musical projects, events and contact, access her official Facebook page here , subscribe her official YouTube  channel and purchase her songs from  Apple Store ,  Amazon and  Google Play Music  .


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