Camelia Florescu – “Magnolie în loc de bun-rămas”

“Magnolie în loc de bun-rămas” (“Magnolia for good-bye”) is a beautiful Romanian song composed by Francis Reiter with lyrics written by Camelia Florescu, recorded by the latter in spring of 2017.

Camelia Florescu, a sparkling personality with Oltenian origins, who successfully blends her career of singer with the ones of a national tour guide and travel agency manager at Camina Travel , also a graduate of Law at Hyperion University, is a well- known Romanian singer and songwriter, who performs many musical genres ranging from blues, jazz, waltz, tango, disco, rock, Latino to party songs and Romanian and Balkan folklore.
Former member of the Army Artistic Ensemble, she attended various amateur and professional festivals, TV shows, including the television contest “Steaua fără nume”, also won the 2nd prize at the Mamaia 86 festival, but her national recognition was left to be expected. She conversely succeeded internationally through her collaborations with renowned hotel chains such as: Marriott Hotels & Resorts; Hilton Hotels & Resorts; Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna, Egypt; Amsterdam Barbizon Palace; Palm Beach Resort, Intercontinental, and many more. Thus, having her own business in organizing events, especially medical symposiums, Camelia Florescu returns to her old love, music, and 2017 brings her two new singles, “Si ingerii ne ceartă” (“Angels also rebuke us”), released in February, and  “Magnolie în loc de bun-rămas” (“Magnolia for good-bye”), released in April, both composed by Francis Reiter, with lyrics written by herself.

For further information about Camelia Florescu, events and personal contact, visit her official Facebook page here or book Camina Events team for a special event in your life as they provide the best entertainment ever.


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