Vanello & Steven Kimber – “Digital Love” (Matt Pop Remix)

“Digital Love” is a 2017 single with retro beats released by Vanello and Steven Kimber, remixed by Matt Pop (original version here) for RDV Music Productions, an exhilarating electronic tune which transcends us back in time to the style of the early 80’s as music is the main source of inspiration and its infinite space is the final frontier. The single is also promoted by a video directed by Steven Kimber, Razvan Dumitru Voicu and Calin Cozma.

Razvan Dumitru Voicu, better known as Vanello, is an electronic music composer and producer, lyricist, radio producer and sound designer from Bucharest, Romania, who does synthesizer, disco-pop, space, ambiental, dance and electronic music. His more than 15 years in composing music and audio production including commercials for various brands, jingles, promos, audio logos, radio shows, voice recordings and music compositions covering different styles, have brought him such a huge experience in audio production for media and collaborations with important labels from Romania, Germany, Netherlands , USA and UK. Although he had never included himself in the commercial area, Vanello recorded his first 2015 CD album “Essential (Italo & Space)” which includes the most popular songs he had made in the previous 8 years, available to purchase from his official website .

This is not Vanello’s first collaboration with Steven Kimber. They previously released the 2016 summer hit : ”The King Of The Summer” ,   ”Your Eyes Don’t Lie” , “S.O.S For Love” , the last two included in the CD album “Essential (Italo & Space)”.

Matt Pop is a producer, songwriter and remixer based in The Netherlands. He has produced, written or remixed for many top recording artists such as Peter Wilson, RuPaul, Nicki French, Cilla Black, Andy Bell, Mai Tai, Luv’, Supreme Voices, Pierre Pascual, Same Difference, Hazell Dean, Sammy Paul, Massive Ego, Sonia, Samantha Fox, Lonnie Gordon, Xelle, Teresa Marie, Unit-911, Carol Hahn, Allan Jay and many others, all available for listening and watching by subscribing his official YouTube channel here and for free listening by following him on SoundCloud here . Matt loves melodies, harmonies, synths and drummachines.

For more electronic & Italo releases by Vanello, subscribe : RDV Music Productions’ YouTube channel , purchase the two singles, “Destination:Cosmos” and “My Angel” from Apple Store and Amazon.

For further information about Vanello, his new projects, photos, buying his music, events and contact access his official website and follow his official Facebook page  here .


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