Matej Deželak – “Together”

“Together” is the debut single and video released in early 2017 by the Slovenian singer Matej Deželak, available for downloading on iTunes format from Apple Store here and digitally from Amazon here .
“Together” is a sensitive love song about issues in love relationships that must be admitted by any couple and try to fix them not to pretend that all is fine as  Jacqueline Jax, host of A.V.A Live Radio, declares in “Getting to know Matej Deželak”. Anyway it’s a perfect song for listening in any season, in any places and by anyone because it is an everyday life example.

Matej Deželak is a young promising pop singer, songwriter, dancer and actor originally from Škofja Loka, a picturesque town in Slovenia, whose deepest desire is to overcome territorial borders through his music as music is borderless and connects people everywhere, whensoever.

For further information about Matej Deželak, his musical activity, events and contact, follow him on his official Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and subscribe his official YouTube channel here. A wav version of the song is available for free downloading from his SoundCloud account here.


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