Sorina Rotaru – “Some Other Time”

“Some Other Time” is a popular classic song introduced among others into the musical ‘On the Town’ with music by Leonard Bernstein and book and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green,  first produced on Broadway in 1944, performed live by the Romanian jazz singer Sorina Rotaru and the pianist Alexandru Olteanu at Copper’s Pub, Bucharest, in early summer 2017.

As a student at National University of Music Bucharest, Jazz section, Sorina Georgiana Rotaru, originally from Craiova, Romania, undoubtedly proves that her choice to study jazz music is best made because of the smoothness and refinement of her live performances that truly capture the audience loving this musical genre.

Alexandru Olteanu is also known as the former pianist with the bossa / jazz band Breeze, whose innate talent for playing the piano and the way he feels the music that he performs make him excel as a pianist and, together with Sorina, they both make an adorable couple ready to conquer any heart of every jazz lover.

For further information about Sorina Rotaru, her musical activity, events and contact, access her official Facebook page Sorina Rotaru and also subscribe her official YouTube channel here .


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