Denisse & Stephan – “Move Your Body”

“Move Your Body” is a sizzling dance song written by Alexandru Rosu (Stephan), Raluca Iurascu (Denisse) and Francesca Sirbu (Franny) as the second single (the first in English) recorded by the lovable couple Denisse & Stephan in early summer 2017, arranged by Alin Radu, mixed and mastered by Alexandru Truta for Rush Records in collaboration with Sprint Music, available for downloading on iTunes format here and for free listening on Spotify here . The single is promoted by a video directed by Alex Ceausu and it is supposed to become a 2017 summer dance hit. The song urges you to have fun and dance until next morning and the video, shot in Rahova, shows a purely incendiary Romanian atmosphere mixed with club beats. The result: a catchy melodic line with Balkan influences which has all the ingredients needed to reach upper ranks in most international dance charts.

Alexandru Rosu, widely known under his stage name of Stephan, the male half of the duo band, is a Romanian music producer, singer and songwriter from Bucharest, and also the owner of Rush Records, a professional music production studio and record label founded in 2016 by himself. Former rugby player, Stephan considers passion, talent and hard work, the three indispensable elements of success, to be his underlying principles. His passion for music makes him focus all his attention on music and music only and his deepest desire is that his music should reach the hearts of most music lovers worldwide. And he already managed it somehow as his first solo single, “Someone (Like You)” , a sensitive love song, reached plenty of hearts belonging to Music Reloaded fans and gained popularity around the world.

Raluca Iurascu as Denisse, the female half of the duo band, is a beautiful singer, lyricist, music producer and co-owner of Rush Records, whose talent to turn emotions into writing makes her song texts become true lyrical speeches, very close to the receiver’s feelings.

For further information about their musical activity with Rush Records, new projects, songs, events and contact, follow their official Facebook page Rush Records and subscribe their official YouTube channel  here .


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