Soni Soner – “The Edge” (Original Mix)

“The Edge” is an original trance mix by Soni Soner, released in late spring 2017 under his own label of Electronic Sound Istanbul Records, that defines space as the main source of inspiration and its far-flung edge as the final frontier.

Soner Özdemir aka Soni Soner is a Turkish composer, DJ and music producer from Istanbul, whose passion for music, compositionally makes him explore a large variety of electronic musical genres from Electronic, Trance, Tech Trance, Tribal Electronic, Psy Trance, Deep House to New Age, Ambient, Chill Out, Goa and Orient House. Soni Soner, after being trained in Germany, started his musical career in 1990 when he worked as a keyboard player and composed songs, jingles and film scores for various artists, media, TV and radio stations till he decided to produce his own sound. As a result, in 2007, he founded Electronic Sound Istanbul, an electronic music label based in Istanbul, Turkey, which has brought high quality music and sounds to worldwide music industry since then.

For further information about Soni Soner, his new musical releases, events and personal contact, follow him on:
Facebook: Soni Soner
Instagram: sonisoner
SoundCloud: Soni Soner
YouTube: Soni Soner

To purchase some of Soni Soner’s songs, singles, EPs and albums, you can do it from Apple Store , Amazon , BeatPort , Juno Download or Google Play Store .


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