Šiki – “Dobro Jutro Milo Moje”

“Dobro Jutro Milo Moje” (“Good Morning My Dear”) is a beautiful pop-folk song recorded by Šiki for his 2007 studio album “Zidarska Prica”, a production of Renome label, available for purchasing on iTunes format here and digital download on AmazonGoogle Play Store and other major digital stores.

Esad Šiki Mujkic, widely known as Šiki, born on August 14, 1973, is a very popular Bosnian turbo-folk singer and songwriter, originally from Velika Kladuša, a town in the far northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout his career, Šiki recorded several hits such as “Zidarska prica”, “Bila je lijepa”, “Nesretni bosanac”, “Moja duša Velika Kladuša”, “Daleko od voljenog grada” and his new 2017 “Dragi oce moj” and now he enjoys larger and larger popularity in Balkans and all around Europe as well, while touring with Melem Band and offering good live shows to turbo-folk fans. With his outstanding voice and his innate talent for singing, Šiki is a consummate artist who reaches beyond himself with each and every song he sings and each and every folk music festival he attends.

For further information about Šiki, his new musical releases, events and contact, follow his official Facebook page Šiki Mujkić -fan club novi profil” .


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