Johnny – “Your Wine Is Halal”

“Your Wine Is Halal” is a 2017 single recorded by the Egyptian singer Johnny, a perfect fusion of Egyptian folkloric sounds mixed with western musical lines and non-traditional lyrics (“halal” refers to what is permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law applied to permissible food and drinks and wine is “haram” / forbidden). Textually, the song is in fact a metaphorical statement of love to the beloved one whose silence is a demon, whose voice is palpable, whose saliva is nectar, whose name is halal, a trunk of tenderness with Gaussian veins that makes his heart wail and wail while promising that he will make her proud of her wine. These beautiful lyrics written by Antonius Nabil who also composed the music, make this single arranged by Ahmed El Assal be unique in its language and sound.

This fruitful collaboration between Johnny and the lyricist and composer Antonius Nabil goes back in time to 2009 when they first met while studying medicine at Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine from Cairo University and professionally started working together releasing their first album “Matar Atshan” (“Thirsty rain”). Since then they have released 4 albums and many singles among which it’s worth highlighting “Anthem Of Solitude” with music by Antonius Nabil and lyrics by the American poet Edgar Allan Poe mixed with Arabic lyrics by the ancient poet Antara Ibn Shadad (its video directed by Mohamed El Saadany took the chance to be screened in Poe Museum from Baltimore in 2015), “Supplication Of Orpheus” , an ode for Palestine, written by Antonius Nabil with English introduction from “The Rose of the World”, a poem by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats, and “The Bridge of Your Return” which is dedicated to the spirit of the Palestinian martyr Lina Nabulsi. Unlike other Arabic music makers their songs are not traditional especially concerning the lyrics. Thus, it may be said that both Johnny and Antonius are doctors for physical body and healers for soul and mind through the music they produce together.

For further information about Johnny – the Egyptian singer, follow his official Facebook page Johnny – جوني and his Twitter account @Johnnysinger81, subscribe his YouTube channel here, and listen to some of his songs on SoundCloud here.


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