Anna Berezovsky – “Umbra Mea (New Version)”

“Umbra mea” (“My Shadow”) is Anna Berezovsky’s second single, written by Eugenia Andries-Carabut, recorded under the label of Eva Production Studio in March 2014. This is a 2017 re-release of the song, rearranged and remastered by the same Vitalie Andries, launched in the earliest February 2017. The new version, full of energetic upbeats that bring it a new modern dance / house cadence, makes it more desired in clubland playlists.

Anna Berezovsky, a Moldovan singer and public figure, is an intelligent, mysterious, seductive, romantic, creative and very beautiful young woman, whose attention has focused on pleasing her large number of Moldovan and international fans whom she doesn’t want to let them down at all. That’s why her deepest desire has always been to stay closer to them and to enchant them with her lovable music since her debut single “Dragostea” (“Love”), a beautiful love song, released in 2013. Three more other singles have been released since then, “Umbra mea” (“My Shadow”) (2014 Original Version), “Iubirea mea e acolo undeva” (“My love is somewhere, somehow”) (2016) and her greatest hit “Я люблю тебя малыш” (“I love you baby”), her first in Russian language, which reveals her romantic side proving that her innate talent for singing and her desirable soft voice allow her to sing any kind of musical genre, from slow pop ballads to uplifting club-beat songs.

Currently, Anna Berezovsky is working to a new single which, definitely, is wanted to surprise her fans with.

For further information about Anna’s new musical projects, events and contact, follow her official Facebook page, Anna Berezovsky Official, and subscribe to Pavel Berezovsky’s, her manager, YouTube channel Pablo Dono for listening and watching Anna’s songs and videos as well.


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