Anna Torres feat. Vicelow – “Angela”

“Angela” is a 2016 single and video by Anna Torres featuring Vicelow, produced by Anna Torres and dedicated to all women and children who have been victims of physical aggression. This version is a new adaptation by Anna Torres and Vicelow of the 2000’s greatest hit”Angela” by Saïan Supa Crew, a French rap collective who sold 600,000 copies of the song in their home country at that time. Vicelow used to be a member of OFX, one of the three groups that composed Saïan Supa Crew (Explicit Samouraï, OFX and Simple Spirit).

The single “Angela” by Anna Torres featuring Vicelow is available for downloading from Apple Store here and from Amazon here . The track was also included in the compilation “Latino 31” (US Version) released by Planet Records, available on iTunes format here.

Anna Torres is the greatest novelty of Brazilian music in Paris, a great scenic presence, a truly original repertoire and a unique voice. She succeeds in uniting jazz, samba, funk and traditional music of the Northeast of Brazil with lots of harmony and swing. Born in Maranhao (northeast of Brazil), Anna Torres has already recorded a large number of great songs. After Brazil, her impressive voice has seduced the French public in Paris and the provinces, but also in Dubai, Madrid or London. This ‘Lara Croft’ as she’s been named after releasing the video for “Angela”, now comes with a provocative video and a song that combines several musical styles proving once again her artistic talent of singing other musical genres than those known by her fans before.

For further information about Anna Torres, her musical activities, concerts, events and contact, will you please access her official website  and follow her official Facebook page Anna Torres .


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