Draggy feat. Nikola Warda – “Doceń to co masz”

“Doceń to co masz” (“Appreciate what you have”) is a lovely reggae song written by Draggy and Nikola Warda, included in Draggy’s debut album “”Sakrament muzyki” (“The Sacrament of Music”) released in 2013 with his own sumptem. The album includes 10 songs performed by many guests such as Maja Kostarczyk, KRP, Jr Coochta, Staff and Nikola Warda, and gives you a lot of energy and many reasons to reflect on the themes and messages put in tracks. The album turned to be an enormous success all over Poland. The single “Doceń to co masz” is also promoted by a video filmed in Wroclaw and Warsaw, released by MVPclips, a student film editor focused on video clips, promotional videos, video reports, reportages and other short film forms.

Wojtek Draguła aka Dragon or Draggy is a young, charismatic and ambitious Polish singer and songwriter whose adventure with music brought him on the largest stages on Poland offering the most entertaining live concerts all over the country. Once he had released his first studio album, “Sakrament muzyki”, Draggy earned his well-deserved place among the most popular performers in nowadays Poland. Asked why he had chosen reggae style, he declared: “Reggae is an ambitious music, created by the heart, by the people who love music and not primarily for money and fame. There is such a great message, rhythm and fun in reggae music. This music connects people rather than divides them. What would you like more?”

Currently, Draggy has just started again his cooperation with MVPclips shooting for a new video of his lead single that will be included in his upcoming album.

Nikola Warda is a beautiful Polish promising artist, nationally known as a former contestant in “Bitwa Na Głosy”, a Polish light entertainment reality television series broadcast by TVP 2, “Mam Talent”, the Polish version of the Got Talent series, and “Szansa Na Sukces”, one of the first popular talent shows on Polish channel TVP2. Nikola started dealing with music at an early age and since then she has been part in many festivals achieving great successes. Besides singing, Nikola is studying the classical guitar at the Music School in Legnica, Poland. Undoubtedly, she sees her future very associated with stage being very aware that much work is needed for. And this is what she really does.

Additional information about Draggy’s and Nikola’s new musical projects, events and personal contact is possible by becoming a follower of the two young artists’ official Facebook pages, Draggy and Nikola Warda .


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