Omo David – “Adesuwa”

“Adesuwa” is a 2016 single recorded by the Nigerian-born recording artist Omo David, produced by Streetline Record, available for free listening and downloading from ReverbNation here and (his other musical releases available either).

“Adesuwa” is an exhilarating love song written for all lovers. Anyone can dedicate this lovely song to whom he or she is in love with as both music and love are the same universal language spoken by in-love hearts only.

Omo David is a Nigerian-born recording artist, songwriter and entertainer based in Europe who successfully managed to bring those exhilarating exotic African beats to the old continent through the music he writes and performs. As a nominee for African Royal Awards, the biggest African entertainment awards event in Italy, awarding groups or individuals for their hard work and unforgettable contributions to the community, as well as a successful collaborator with other popular artists such as Oritse Femi and Gene6 , an award-winning performing artist, entertainer, promoter and music producer whose aim is to promote young talented artists, Omo David gained success after success becoming one of the most beloved rising stars in street music gang of African community in Italy.

For additional information about Omo David, his new musical releases, events he attends and personal contact, follow his official Facebook page Omo David and Team Street Music gang TSMgang .


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