Los Anonimos – “Dansăm”

“Dansăm” (“Shall We Dance”) is an exhilarating dancing song with Latino influences written by Adda Moldovan Rizea, recorded by the Romanian Latino band Los Anonimos in earliest October 2017 with Baladda Records, Bucharest. The single is promoted by a video about intense and serene feelings, directed by Cercel Lazar whose camera focuses on the strength and the elegance of the dancers creating a unique experience in passing on some intense feelings through music and dance indeed.

Los Anonimos is a Romanian Latino band from Piatra-Neamt, one of the most picturesque cities in Romania. The band was founded in spring 2011 and their music combines the exotic Gypsy flamenco accords with Balkan rhythms, being the only band of this kind in Romanian musical industry. The band has become popular through their exceptional concerts held in different clubs all around the country and during some hi-class events as well.

Los Anonimos propagate an incendiary atmosphere on stage reaching the highest valences of a great show. Their vast repertoire includes the most famous Romanian and international covers as well as their own songs, songs of simplicity and charm, which sensitize their audience. The anonyms of Los Anonimos are Geo Pahome (vocals & guitar), Catalin Barn (backing vocals & guitar), Bogdan Aflorei ( backing vocals & electric guitar), Iuli Stoica (bass guitar), Mircea Harabagiu (drums), Andrei Gafton (keyboards), Emmy Dumitru (accordion), Bogdanel Mantu (percussion), Andrei Anghel (clarinet & saxophone) and Sorin Gaburoi (trombone).

For further information about Los Anonimos, their new musical projects, previously released songs and videos, concerts, booking and direct contact, follow their official Facebook page LOS ANONIMOS and subscribe their official YouTube channel here .



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