Ioana Sandu – “Vioara și inima mea”

“Vioara și inima mea” (The violin and my heart”) is a beautiful romance composed by Francisc Reiter with Romanian lyrics written by Mariana Dumitru, performed by unrivaled Romanian singer Ioana Sandu, awarded with Press Award at the National Festival of Romances “Golden Chrysanthemum” 2017, an annual musical event that takes place every autumn in Targoviste, the old medieval citadel of Romania.

Ioana Sandu, widely known as the ambassador of the Romanian song abroad, keeps the tradition of cantabile songs in a simple and direct way of communication through the warmth of her voice, the feeling and the theme. Awarded “The best female artist 2016” by Music Reloaded fans, Ioana Sandu hopes that her songs will be continuously loved and appreciated by her fans, dilligently trying to do her best not to let them down ever by proving a quality performance of her music keeping it clean and original.

For further information about Ioana Sandu, her musical activity, events and personal contact, will you please access her official website and follow her official Facebook page Ioana Sandu and Ioana Sandu – International Fanpage . More songs and videos are also available by subscribing Francisc Reiter’s official YouTube channel here or follow him on SoundCloud here .


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