East – “Your Call (Zara Zara Mashup)”

“Your Call” is a solo project song of John Vesely, the vocalist of the American rock band Secondhand Serenade, a sensitive ballad which has been covered by many singers, guitarists and bands. This cover version performed by the Pakistani three member group East, brings their own emotional involvement on the song strengthened by the gentle voice of the vocalist, Izhar Alee, its lyrics mixed with their native language and the melodic lines of the two guitars, especially the electric guitar sounds, played by Syed Muhammad Umar and Adil Kasi. The song was mixed, mastered and recorded by Quetta Records and it is promoted by a video directed by Jazib Samuel.

East band is a pop-rock and bolly band from Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan, Pakistan, consisting of three members: Izhar Alee (lead vocalist), Syed Muhammad Umar (acoustic guitars, rhythms sections) and Adil Kasi (lead guitarist) whose greatest desire is to bring Eastern music to the West and Western music to the East. In fact, music is known as being the universal language everywhere on Earth.

For further information about East, their new musical projects, events and contact, access their official Facebook page East and subscribe Izhar’s official YouTube channel here for more singles and videos by East.



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