La Banda Sergio – “Ni solteras ni casadas”

“Ni solteras ni casadas” (“Neither single nor married”) is the first track of La Banda Sergio’s most successful studio album “Un terremoto por vos”, recorded in 1996 in studio “SOS”, awarded “Disco de Oro”, with more than 40,000 albums sold at that time.

La Banda Sergio debuted in 1988 in Vedia, a town in the far northwestern part of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Since then the band have achieved fame in the tropical environment that many will remember over years on.

La Banda Sergio have recorded a great number of albums and given plenty of live concerts almost everywhere in the area gaining a fabulous number of fans. Thus, their discography consists of: “Quiero conquistarte” (1990), “Fiesta en tu corazón” (1991), “Vivencias” (1993), “En la jungla de cemento” (1994), “Un terremoto por vos” (1996), ” Mi Razón De Vivir” (1997), ” Temporal De Amor” (2002), ” Una Rosa Roja, Una Rosa Blanca” (2003), ” Angel” (2007), “Tú Que te crees” (2010), and many of their songs were part of various compilations as well.


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