Vertigo – “Svjetla”

Happy Birthday, Ivan Luketić (vocalist & guitarist at Vertigo)! Sretan ti rođendan!!!

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“Svjetla” (“Lights”) is a 2016 single and video by the Croatian rock band Vertigo, released at the beginning of March under the label of Aquarius Records. The song is promoted by a video, directed by Toni Mijač.
Vertigo is a young rock band from Split, the largest city of the region of Dalmatia, Croatia. The members of the band are: Ivan Luketić (vocals, acoustic guitar), Eni Pupić (vocals), Antonio Pešo (lead guitar), Marko Borna Torre (violin), Zvonimir Vidić (bass guitar) and Petar Rogulj (drums). Vertigo are the winners of the first edition of the band authorship competition “Inkubator”, organized by Street Pulse, MC O’Hara and Split Circus in 2015.

The single “Svjetla” is available for purchasing from:

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